How to contact us

To prevent spending all our time answering e-mails, we have created two debate forums where you can submit questions and messages to the staff in the Digital Archives and to other users of the site. The questions to the Digital Archives and the Regional State Archives in Bergen must be submitted in the Archive forum. While you place all other questions in the Users' forum. The topics in these forums are read more than 300.000 times a year. They are of great help for us in many ways. When solving a problem in the forums, we very often solve it for hundreds of persons. So we do not have to answer hundreds of e-mails on the same subject. Furthermore, in the discussion forums you will receive help not only from us, but from other users as well. This additional help is very time saving for us, and also an advantage for you: When it comes to genealogical matters, our users are much better than us!

Help us to work efficiently - if you have a question or a topic you wish to discuss, please use the following procedure:

  1. Search the databases in the Digital Archives and the Digital Inn to see if you can find the answer there. Read the help-pages, documentation, and/or articles to guide you in the right direction. Do not forget to check in on the Useful links-page and see if any of those can answer your question.
  2. Search the debate forums to see if there have been similar questions discussed earlier. Read the help page if you are unfamiliar to the forums.
  3. If you do not find any answers, you are welcome to create a new topic in one of the forums. Please take into consideration that what you write are published on the internet and read all over the world. Read this before you submit anything.
  4. If you do not wish to publish your question on the internet, you can send an e-mail to the Digital Archives: We will try to reply within one week.

Anette Skogseth Clausen is working in the Digital Archives publishing databases and other digitised sources, as well as answering queries from the users and running the internet site.

Knut Olav Holvik is working in the Digital Archives answering queries from the users. He is administering the debate forums as well as the name indexing project of the digitised parish registers. He runs the sale service of printed census material as well. In between this, he is publishing databases and other digitised sources.

Monica Idarsdatter Johansen is working in the Regional State Archives in Bergen, but she is in charge of the record keeping in the Digital Archives.

Kristian Strømme (temp) is working in the Regional State Archives in Bergen, but occasionally he helps out in the Digital Archives by publishing databases and digitised sources.

Jan Oldervoll is Senior Scientific Officer at the University of Bergen, Institute for has created all the programs that run the Digital Archives and he is also engaged in the server administration. He will answer questions in the Archive forums regarding technical matters in the Digital Archives and other questions regarding the internet.

Yngve Nedrebø is Director for the Regional State Archives of Bergen as well as of the Digital Archives. He answers questions in the Archive forum directed to the Regional State Archives of Bergen and any other question he knows the answer to.

Bente Kopperdal (leave of abscence)

Marianne Bjordal Strømsholm (leave of abscence)